Madison Elementary School District is an “A” rated district located in North Central Phoenix, Arizona. Community support is one of the hallmarks of Madison School District’s fiscal stability. State budget shortfalls and the subsequent cuts to K – 12 education funding since 2008 have created challenges for many school districts, however Madison is fortunate to have loyal support from the local community.

Founded in 1890, Madison Elementary School District has grown to eight schools with enrollment nearly surpassing 6,000 students in preschool through eighth grade. Madison also boasts an impressive 7 out of 10 school rating. On the spring 2016 AzMERIT test, Madison students scored higher than the state average in both Language Arts and Math, with five Madison schools ranking in the top 10 elementary schools in the Phoenix area.

Madison Elementary School District offers Signature Programs, which allow students to develop their talents in addition to their regular classes. This approach helps students become more engaged in their classes and have a more well-rounded educational experience.

Providing the best education for students also means ensuring they have the facilities and resources to be successful. All Madison Elementary School District students have access to technology in the classroom, either through a district device or a personal device as part of our Bring Your Own Device program. Embracing the available technology enhances students’ learning and allows them to work together with their classmates and teachers in new and innovative ways.

Meaningful opportunities for parent and community involvement are abundant. Volunteering at the school district, whether in the classroom or on a field trip, is a great way to stay connected. Madison has many opportunities for a variety of interested parties listed on their school district website.

At Madison Elementary School District, learning is not only focused on the classroom. Madison is committed to providing extraordinary learning for all.

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