BASIS Charter School in Phoenix Arizona is in its fifth year of operation and will graduate its third class in May of 2017. BASIS Phoenix averages more than $200,000 per graduate in merit-based aid with 100% college acceptance to institutions such as Columbia, Cornell, Northwestern, and Yale. Recently, BASIS Phoenix was mentioned in The Arizona Republic as a top Arizona high school based on average SAT score.

BASIS Schools, Inc. is an Arizonan charter school operator that operates sixteen schools in Arizona, Texas and the District of Columbia. With an impressive Great School rating of 10 out of 10, the education is of the highest level at BASIS Charter School.

During the 2015-16 academic year, BASIS Phoenix participated in BASIS.ed Senior Projects for the first time, with project topics ranging from “The Evolution of Medical Cannibalism in Britain” to “The Effects of Radiation Dosage on Prostate Cancer Cell Lines”. Seven students participate in the Senior Projects, and four were nominated to receive the Brackenridge Foundation Award.

BASIS Charter Schools align clubs and extracurricular activities offered through the school with the interests of the students. As a result, the clubs and extracurricular activities differ among the various campuses. Additionally, many students take advantage of summer opportunities at Basis campuses across the country. Depending on availability, students register for courses in athletics, academics, or activities such as chess or robotics.

BASIS Charter Schools was featured in the documentary film 2 Million Minutes: A 21st Century Solution. The film compares the charter school’s curriculum with a typical public school curriculum. In light of the documentary’s success, Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton visited BASIS’ campus to deliver speeches on the importance of such a high level of education in America.

BASIS Charter Schools educate students at an internationally competitive level – out-scoring their top-performing peers globally. The culture and curriculum building blocks are conducive to instilling in students a lifelong desire for knowledge, understanding the importance of hard work and self-reliance, and towards the discovery of individual strengths.

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